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  • 48 hours

    in Muş

    First Day

    After a Muş-style breakfast in the city centre, you can visit Muş Castle, the Muş Ulu Mosque, Yıldızlı Inn, Arak Church and Hasbet Castle, in that order. After, have lunch in one of the local restaurants in the city centre and sample the specialties of Muş cuisine. You can take a walk on streets lined with traditional Muş Houses and visit Bulanık and Malazgirt later in the afternoon. In Bulanık, you can see Haçlı Lake and Esenlik Mosque, and Malazgirt Castle and the Victory Monument in Malazgirt. At dinner time, you can taste local dishes such as stuffed hez, çorti, and cavbelek, while listening to Muş folk songs. 

    Second Day

    You can visit the Varto district on your second day and enjoy a local breakfast here. Head to Hamurpet Lake for trekking afterwards, if you like. After dining on fish at the trout facilities, you can visit Kayalıdere Ancient City and enjoy watching the sunset at the Historical Murat Bridge facilities. At the end of the day, hit the local markets in the city centre and buy fragrant Muş honey!