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  • 10 vibes for Muş

    like locals

    Relax at the Muş Castle Park. The park is in the city centre, established around the ruins of an old castle. It is a favourite gathering place for Muş residents.

    Explore Malazgirt. The establishment of the Malazgirt district dates to ancient times – allegedly Menuas, an Urartu king, founded a city here. Malazgirt is famous as the entry point into Anatolia for the Turks. 

    Observe the brilliant red vistas of the Muş Plain. The Muş Plain turns red when the poppies bloom in May each year, creating a vivid landscape. 

    See the Varto Kayalıdere Archaeological Site. The archaeological site is in the village of Kayalıkaya, 20 km from Varto. It is a former Urartian settlement that offers glimpses of the daily lives of Urartians.

    Visit the Arak Monastery. The region was subject to the Roman-Sassanid struggle and remained under Sassanid rule for 400 years (CE 226-624). Allegedly, Sassanids hired Roman architects and craftsmen to build this monastery as a gesture of goodwill and strength and granted it to the Romans as a present.

    Learn the story of the Çengilli Church. The Çengilli (Çanlı Surp Garabet) Church, was used as a fire temple in antiquity and later made into a church.

    Smell the Muş Tulip. This tulip, unique to Muş, is a flower of the lily family. Each stem has a single flower, long leaves and the petals are not pointed. The bloom is usually red in colour. 

    Listen to the Demoiselle Cranes.  Demoiselle cranes have set up a breeding colony in a restricted area in the Bulanık Plain. This crane, facing the danger of extinction, sings beautifully.

    See the Large and Small Hamurpet Lakes. Featuring natural beauties and unique structures, these two lakes are worth seeing.

    Taste Helimaşı Soup. Do not leave Muş without sampling the famous helimaşı soup, prepared with tender, boneless meat and chickpeas, lentils, and onions.