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  • Muş GoTürkiye

    A city of multiple civilizations in the Eastern Anatolia Region, Muş is an important city that sparkles in all four seasons. It carries its millennia of cultures to the present while meeting the requirements of modern life.



    The city of Muş is built on the north slopes of Kurtik Mountain – an important peak of the Haçreş Mountains, which are an extension of the Southeast Taurus Mountains – and between the valleys where the Çat and Karni Streams flow.



    Touch the grand mountains and the endless plains of the Muş region, set on the high-altitude lands of Eastern Anatolia.



    The cuisine of Muş is largely centred on animal products, which makes it somewhat similar to Eastern Anatolian cuisine. However, the Muş region features numerous delicious dishes that are unique to its particular traditions.



    Smell the Muş Tulip, a flower unique to Muş and breathe the fresh air around the city’s beautiful lakes!



    Listen to the folk songs and dances of Muş – and to the songs of the unique birds that make their home on the majestic Muş Plain!

    10 vibes for Muş

    like locals

    Relax at the Muş Castle Park. The park is in the city centre, established around the ruins of an old castle. It is a favourite gathering place for Muş residents.



    48 hours

    in Muş

    After a Muş-style breakfast in the city centre, you can visit Muş Castle, the Muş Ulu Mosque, Yıldızlı Inn, Arak Church and Hasbet Castle, in that order.